Merge Cube

The Power to Hold the Digital World

The Merge Cube lets you hold virtual 3D objects, enabling an entirely new way to learn and interact with the digital world.

Home and Classroom

3D Tactile Learning

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Works with Merge Headset

K-8 STEM Content

Hold anything

Now students can explore a galaxy in the palm of their hand, hold fossils and ancient artifacts and examine them like a paleontologist, watch as a volcano erupts before their eyes, and create virtual objects that they can hold and share.

How it works

  • 1Download and launch Cube apps on your smartphone or tablet.
  • 2Point your device at the Cube.
  • 3Watch the Cube transform into a virtual object you can hold.

Compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows 10 and can be used with the Merge Headset.

Get Smarter with Merge EDU

Merge Cube works with Merge EDU, our K-8 standard-aligned STEM platform for learning and creation. This includes the Object Viewer and Merge Explorer apps. Both apps have free and paid options.




  • 35 Shore softness HE foam


  • 72mm x 72mm x 72mm
  • 2.5oz (113 grams)

In the box

  • Merge Cube
  • Tablet and smartphone stand
  • Cube stand

Operating Systems



Frequently Asked Questions

Object Viewer doesn’t have a place to put my activation code?

Currently there is NOT a prompt in Object Viewer that requests an activation code (the code found in your Merge Cube package). The only codes used in Object Viewer are Object Codes. If you do not have a code, tap the “Shared Objects” tab within the app and you will see a few objects that have already been uploaded. Find more object codes here. Find out how to upload your own object here.

What’s the difference between an Activation Code and an Object Code?

The Activation Code comes inside the Merge Cube packaging. You can find it under the Cube on a purple square. This code is no longer needed to experience the Merge Cube Apps.

The Object Viewer Code is generated when you upload a 3D object in the “My Objects” section of the Merge EDU Dashboard (you must be logged in to upload objects). You can share this code with other people so they can view your 3D object using Merge Cube and the “Object Viewer” app. Here’s a list of Object Viewer codes to get you started.

How can I use Object Viewer without uploading my own 3D models?

The “Shared Objects” tab includes pre-uploaded objects from Merge. Just select one of the models and it will appear on your Merge Cube (without needing to enter a code).

Here’s a list of additional 3D models to get you started. Just copy the object code and enter into the app to enjoy!

Which VR headsets are compatible with Merge Cube?

While they’re not necessary to enjoy Merge Cube, using an AR/VR Headset will super-power your Merge Cube experience! We recommend the Merge Headset, since it meets all the necessary requirements for using Merge Cube apps.

Other AR/VR headsets must meet the following requirements to be compatible with Merge Cube:

  • Must have a camera access window (so the phone’s camera can see the cube)
  • Must have at least one physical touch input button
  • Must be Google Cardboard V2 compatible
Is my device compatible with Merge Cube?

Click HERE to find out.

What’s the difference between VR Mode and Mobile Mode?

Using “VR Mode” allows you to experience Merge Cube while wearing virtual reality goggles, while “Phone Mode” lets you use Merge Cube just with your smartphone or tablet.

Do I need an AR/VR headset for the cube to work?

Nope! You can use Merge Cube with just your phone or tablet -- simply choose “Phone Mode” when you start the app. If you want to use with Merge Headset, choose “VR Mode” and insert your phone into Merge Headset (or other AR-enabled headsets).

Have more question? Visit our Help Center for more information.