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Merge EDU uses spatial computing technology to allow students to touch and interact with 3D digital content. Hold anything, anywhere.

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Digital Learning
With Merge

Merge EDU lets students experience learning in ways never before possible. They will be able to touch and hold science lessons, interact with STEM concepts, and upload their own 3D objects onto the Merge Cube. With fun and engaging activities designed to enhance lessons, pupils will be engaged, amazed and inspired to learn more.
Introducing the Merge Cube
The Merge Cube lets you hold digital 3D objects, enabling an entirely new way to learn and interact with the digital world.
Merge Cube works with Merge EDU, our primary-intermediate standards-aligned STEM platform for learning and creation. This includes the Object Viewer and Merge Explorer apps. Both apps have free and paid options.
This hands-on digital learning tool, combined with our Merge EDU apps, evokes a sense of wonder and amazement, accelerates understanding, deepens engagement, and lets students do the impossible.
Merge Education Apps
Merge EDU lets students touch and hold science lessons, interact with STEM concepts, and be transported to virtual places. With fun activities designed to enhance lessons, kids will be engaged and inspired to learn more all year long.
Merge EDU apps are GDPR and COPPA compliant, making them privacy-safe for students to download and use.
Merge Explorer
Merge Explorer is a science-standards aligned app for primary through intermediate grades, that allows students to learn and explore various topics with interactive, hands-on science lessons using the Merge Cube.
Object Viewer
Object Viewer lets students upload, view and share 3D objects on the Merge Cube. Easily turn 3D models of ancient artifacts, plant cells, sculptures, and more into virtual objects you can hold and inspect from all angles.
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Activity Plans
We work with educators around the world to create curriculum-aligned, step-by-step activity plans students can follow along with at home for remote learning or in the classroom at school. At the end of each activity, you will find assessment options and extension ideas that take the learning even further.
Activity Plan examples
Did you know?
Merge is used in primary & intermediate grades as well as secondary computer science courses, universities, research labs, medical training and fortune 500 companies around the world.
3D Tactile Learning
3D Tactile Learning
At Home & School
At Home & School
Curriculum Aligned
Curriculum Aligned
Multi Sensory Instruction
Multi Sensory Instruction
Spatial Development
Spatial Development
Accelerate Understanding
Accelerate Understanding
Focused Engagement
Focused Engagement
School-Wide Option
Merge EDU Platform Subscription
  • Supports both at home and in classroom use
  • Full access to 100+ augmented reality activities
  • Full access to Object Viewer for each account
  • Curriculum aligned to science standards
  • Includes classroom and remote learning resources for both students & teachers
  • Teacher dashboard & student progress tracking
  • Easy to deploy throughout schools & districts with single sign on systems
  • Onboarding support
  • Student, Teacher, and Admin accounts
  • Microsoft Teams integration
Individual Options
Merge EDU Individual Subscription
The paid individual subscription unlocks full access to Merge apps for a single account on up to 3 devices simultaneously.
Merge EDU Free Option
Educators can try out Merge EDU apps for free, but the experiences in both the Merge Explorer and apps are limited.
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