Hands-on Learning with Interactive 3D Models & Simulations

Merge EDU engages students in science and STEM with 3D objects and simulations they can touch, hold and interact with.

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Merge EDU helps your students understand complex science and STEM concepts effectively

3D Tactile Learning
3D Tactile
At Home & School
At Home &
Curriculum Aligned
Multi Sensory Instruction
Multi Sensory
Spatial Development
Accelerate Understanding
Focused Engagement
Merge EDU Science


The New Science Class

Teach science with digital, hands-on teaching aids and interactive simulations designed for use at home and in the classroom.

The New Science Class

True-to-life Digital Teaching Aids designed for learning anywhere

Merge provides an effective alternative to physical teaching aids. Every student can access digital teaching aids that help them learn science at home or in the classroom.
  • An endless shelf of digital teaching aids
  • $Thousands in supplies for every student
  • As effective as real physical models*
*Based on study done at UCSF Medical

The New Science Class

Powerful, visual and hands-on Science Simulations

Teach science effectively with simulations your students can touch, hold and interact with. Students will understand complex topics more easily and remember what they learned longer.
  • Visual and interactive experiences
  • K-8 Standards aligned activities
  • Integrated quizzes

The New Science Class

Deepen engagement with hands-on, student-led activities

Captivate your student’s attention with active, hands-on experiences. With easy-to-follow activity plans and built-in quizzes, students gain key knowledge while immersed in learning.
  • Curriculum aligned
  • Virtual, hybrid, or in school
  • Student-led or Teacher-led


STEM Class & Beyond

Optimize the engineering design process with 3D objects your students can hold and share from anywhere.

Beyond STEM Class

Expand your STEM program with hands-on mixed reality tools

Broaden your STEM offerings with projects that use mixed reality technology to unlock new ways to learn, create and share.
  • Hold or place 3D objects in the real world
  • Teach STEM concepts with simulations and 3D models
  • Students can upload and share their own 3D creations

Beyond STEM Class

Collaborate remotely with STEM projects students can do at home

Students can work on STEM projects written by world class educators, with easy-to-follow instructions that follow the engineering design process.
  • Compatible with remote and in-class learning
  • Design in Minecraft, Tinkercad, or 3D scanning
  • Easy sharing and collaboration

Beyond STEM Class

Optimize the 3D design and printing process

Preview 3D designs on the Merge Cube and mixed reality. Students will get feedback faster and discover problems quicker, and you’ll save time and cost before 3D printing.
  • Find errors with immersive visualization
  • Rapid iteration leads to better outcomes
  • Save time & cost of 3D prints

Ready for the Future

Turn teachers into tech stars with helpful resources and activities

Teachers look to you to show them how to use technology to teach better. With easy-to-follow guides and curriculum-aligned activities, your science and STEM teachers will be experts in no time.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Activity Plans and guides
  • Helpful support center

What Educators say about Merge EDU

Hear from educators around the world using Merge EDU to transform learning

If you want to get a glimpse of how technology will change education, pay attention to what Merge is doing.

Leslie Fisher, EdTech Presenter and Keynote Speaker

Leslie Fisher, EdTech Presenter and Keynote Speaker

If you’re serious about remote learning, you need Merge EDU.

Leslie Fisher, EdTech Presenter and Keynote Speaker

Tanya Diaz-Rothman, Ed.S., Science and Technology Integration for Miami-Dade and Keynote Speaker

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  • All Science Simulations
  • Grade Banded Activity Plans
  • Assisted Setup
  • All Digital Teaching Aids
  • Future Career STEM Projects
  • Select SSO & Rostering
  • Upload Your Own Objects
  • Admin & Teacher Dashboards
  • Virtual PD Training
  • Custom Object Collections
  • Student & Classroom Mgmt
  • Help & Support Resources
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90 Merge Cubes
Lab Complete Package
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30 Merge Cubes
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