Merge EDU Pricing

Merge EDU is designed to allow every student access to today's most powerful learning technology. From individuals to entire school districts, Merge has designed a solution to help you reach your goals.


Perfect for individual use and at home learning.


Bring powerful spatial learning technology to every student in your school and at home.


Inspire teachers, engage students, and upgrade your entire district to 21st century learning institutions.


$9.99 per month

Per app via in-app purchase

Designed for up to 3 devices.
Merge Explorer Explore Science in AR/VR
Object Viewer Hold and Share 3D Objects


Simple pricing for schools. Discounts for school districts.

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Designed for classroom, STEM labs and at home learning.
  • All Merge EDU Apps
  • Student Accounts
  • Teacher Accounts
  • IT Admin Account
  • Teacher dashboard
  • Classrooms
  • Teacher resources
  • Activity plans
  • Microsoft Teams Integration
  • Join Codes
  • Single sign-on*
  • Student roster integration **

*Integration with select Single Sign-on Systems
**Microsoft, ClassLink and manual setup supported

Headsets and Cubes Sold Separately

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