Bring Learning to Life

MERGE enables active learning by enabling students to learn and create in entirely new ways while giving teachers simple AR/VR tools that increase student engagement, intellectual curiosity and classroom achievement.
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At the core is the MERGE Cube - a mixed reality school supply that extends learning beyond the limitations of device screens by giving students the ability to interact with virtual objects.

MERGE Cubes Work in Any Device Situation

Bringing Active Learning into Your School is Easy

One-to-One Devices

Got iPads or Surface devices on every desk? Awesome, now all you need is a MERGE Cube on every desk to bring learning to life. Use the MERGE EDU platform and a site or district license to transform STEM learning and discovery.

Limited Device Access

Only have a few iPads, smartphones or Surface devices in your classroom or lab? Set up learning stations with MERGE Cubes + MERGE Headsets and allow students to learn and create in small groups.

Single Device Access

Lacking device support in your classroom? No problem. You can still get started by using your own device and broadcast MERGE Cube apps onto your dry erase board or digital whiteboard. Inspire your principal to fund MERGE in your school.

Real Educator Stories

Re-imagining Learning with MERGE


Math with MERGE Cube

Mr. Haydu incorporates VR and AR products into his classes to bring 2D content to life, and help students further understand content by letting them create their very own 3D models!
Gabe Haydu
Singapore American School


AR Unlocks new ways to explore non-verbal communication

The world's first theme park and academy designed for special-needs individuals uses the MERGE Cube to help students identify feelings and emotions.
Morgan's Wonderland
San Antonio, Texas


3D Printing with Object Viewer for MERGE Cube

Whether it’s for school or for the studio, 3D printing can be a trial and error process. Watch how this teacher makes use of MERGE Object Viewer to upload, view, and share 3D objects in the classroom.
Michael Fricano
Education Innovation Lab


Scanning artifacts with Qlone + MERGE Cube

MERGE Educator John M. Zingale and his students create an interactive virtual museum FVvr (Fort Vancouver Virtual Reality) By scanning artifacts with Qlone, students get to hold artifacts in the palm of their hand with MERGE Cube.
John Zingale
Fort Vancouver Virtual Reality
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Explore activity plans written by educators around the world, download product sheets for the MERGE Cube and MERGE AR/VR Headset, and find helpful links to get started using MERGE Cube with software like CoSpaces EDU and Tinkercad.

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