Merge EDU Platform

Hands-on AR/VR Learning Platform

Merge EDU lets students experience learning in ways never before possible. Touch and hold science lessons, interact with STEM concepts, and be transported to virtual places. With fun and engaging activities designed to enhance lessons, the classroom will be a place where children are engaged, amazed and inspired to learn more all year long.

Spatial Learning Tools

Merge products work together to create a powerful spatial (AR/VR) learning solution for education.

Explore Science in Completely New Ways

Merge Explorer uses innovative AR/VR spatial learning technology to teach standards-aligned science topics from K-8th grade in completely new ways.

Transform 3D models into virtual objects you can hold and share

Object Viewer lets you upload, view, and share 3D objects on the merge Cube! Easily turn 3D models in to virtual objects you can hold in the palm of your hand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What devices do you support?

We support many late-model devices that run iOS, Android, and Windows 10; we also support some Chromebook models that have a back-facing camera. If you have these kinds of devices, we would be happy to evaluate them for compatibility.

How do I get access to the Free Trial?

If you visit our website, you'll see a sign-up button for the free 30-day trial. Simply complete and submit the online request form and we will setup your trial.

Which license do I need?

Actually, it’s quite simple:

  • The Class Packs allow students to use the platform daily in a single classroom. This includes experiencing learning in augmented or virtual reality, creating content that they can convert to virtual objects, and collaborating. Your students can use it as often as they want, but the quantity of licenses are limited to your classroom enrollment.
  • The Lab Packs are intended for learning in computer labs, STEM labs, etc. where every student in a school will need to use the platform content and tools -- but infrequently (e.g. once/week). This license allows all students in your school to use it, but not concurrently.
  • The School and District Licenses are intended for everyday use by all students enrolled in each school. It’s the best value in terms of cost and learning impact as all grades benefit.
My class has more than 25 students

You can purchase a 5-pack that will allow for up to 5 additional student licenses and provide 5 additional Cubes.

Does each user need their own device?

No. The students can log in / log out through your school’s single sign-on system.

Which single sign on systems do you support?

We support sign-on with Microsoft, Google, ClassLink, and Clever, and we're working on automatic provisioning of student accounts from your rosters with Microsoft School Data Sync, as well as ClassLink. If you use a different system, let us know and we can discuss it.

Does every student need a license?

Yes, every student user must have a license.

Do teachers and IT admins need a license?

We will provide a limited number of free teacher and administrator licenses, depending upon the Pack that is purchased.

Have more questions? Visit our Help Center for more information.