Come with us,


We are Merge

At Merge, we’re creating the future of toys and the future of play every day. We work with toys because in every generation, toys create the future of kids. We specialize in virtual reality, the place where the physical and digital worlds merge together, because it’s the gateway to this future. And we strive to make it easy, fun and safe for everyone, starting with kids 10 and up, because we want it that way for our kids, too.

We don’t believe virtual reality will change the world in some distant future – the future’s upon us. We're building products, experiences, and technology to take you there today.

And we’re here to have fun

VR is supposed to be fun. You can see it in our products, our process, and the experiences we publish. Starting with our marshmallow-soft purple foam headset, we design everything at the heart of FUN.

And that’s why we created Merge. We are the specialists in VR products and experiences for kids 10 and up, because we believe the future of toys should always be positive. Toys that help make kids smarter, more creative and more collaborative while they’re having amazing fun.

We want VR to be safe and shareable, social and personal. So at Merge, we focus on designing products and experiences that connect with you, your friends and family.

Mobile is 'where it’s at'

The success of any platform starts with people’s access to the technology. With 2.5 billion smartphones in the world, we believe VR has the power to touch each and every one of us.

It’s why our first products have focused on mobile, and we continue to innovate in this space every day.

We want our family of VR users to always be sure of two things when they see the name Merge on any VR product. First—our approach will always be creative, innovative and new. And second—we will always strive to make the VR experience easy, safe and fun for everyone—starting with kids 8+.

As we release more and more products and publish more and more interactive content, you can bet that when each new technology comes along, we’ll be there too.

At Merge, we think of ourselves as the early explorers of an amazing new world. And we invite kids, parents and educators everywhere to come along as we discover the future of toys.